Sunday, July 14, 2002

Today is my first day to write these lines; already I lost so many of my thoughts to this machine; but I was trying to just lay out some of the basic, i mean the beginning of a journey that I am taking ; o already did; i did it; how, don,t ask, it is done; no intention to be read; at least as the mad philosopher said it; he dais what; that they are thoughts that I have to get rid of them;to inject them on he paper. where there is no hope of a language that writes them; it was this whole idea, totally mad, totally outside of the scopeof rational thought, saying, not me, but this ancient, very ancient Persian philosopher who said, he said it thatThe universe is composed of light; yes pure light, and the degree of any thing (thing not in the sense of that old bastard German decadent, you know), I mean its proximity, its closeness to "light" shows, it"expresses" the degree of its powerts active power, active side, its amazing energy, and the degree of distance, the side of weakness, not in the senseof boring psychology, but in the true sense of its weakness, its "diminishing"; then I see the way the great Persian philosopher "sohrvardi, sheikh eshragh "("eshragh" in Persian means "intuition", because he saw "intuition” as the realpositive force in Nature", therefore, the name means the "master of light") whose works almost never been translatedInto English), he died at age 32, very young, but wrote numerous books which most of them are originally In Arabic!! What he says, later on picked up in the different tone, but the same substance ; In great Spinoza, the whole idea of "power of acting", the way one approches forces of life,evaluates how one stands on either sides of the pick or the fall ! either one only deals with positivity of forces of life which is its necessary substance, or one alighns with negative forces which negate life, nothing to do with life , and its positivity, therefore falling in the darkness of no power.through his force on the side of positivity of "power of acting", one gains access to the dreamland, the beauty of total freedom; beware that this freedom has nothing to do with so called freedom of social life, and has not any affinity with its social allies! the power of acting is the pure positivity of forces of Nature, and it is far from the petty transactions of social, economical formulas of the market; the one who nagates life in its positivity ,the one who follow the daily patterns of average Joe
falls in the darkness of weakness (please don’t read none of these idea in the totally "worn out school of western pschology); it is exactly here that beauty of total positivity of thought of action in Spinoza sides with the great philosopher of ancient Persia! it is the site of "forces" , pure forces of life , where Sohrvardi elaborates the whole idea of life baesd on the affinity of light in one,s relation to those forces;
here in the ancient philosopher, way long before Spinoza, evaluates one,s alighnment with light, the essence of life itself; the degree of affinity of one,s to the purity of light positions his closeness, or his distance!! positivity!!There is an ocean in the Persian literature among giants like "rumi", or Hafeze, or the master of all, the mystic poetry of "Attar"; back to Sohrvardi, as i mentioned earlier, the cornerstone of his philosophy is the idea of light , light in its purity; now later in the so called modern time we have a great writer like hedayat who follows totally in his own approach to literary work, the ancient idea of ligt in the forms of "shadows" in his monumental work "Blind Owl"; here again the shadows are there in front of the main character posing the great question to him"to whom i am speaking", is it only with my shadows! and the beauty of its materiality in relation to great Iranian philosipher, Sohrvardi, is amazing; the shadows as the great sorces of his pure "solitude" as the solitude of Zaratustra in the mad philosopher!! There is the "light", and there Is "sohrvardi", the master of light as he called himself, and then later here in the west we have "Spinoza”? The prince of philosopher as the great french philosopher, the one whose real, true, totally amazing creative ideas later I get to, but for now, for this late dialogue with myself, let’s stick to the "master of intuition, or in other Words, master of light!!!

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