Friday, August 02, 2002

it is rather late of it, the saying of it!

it is a little bit late to say "one is going to check it" check what , the one is already been checked, the one of it is been checked by it!! the one that he says to check it, he only checks the late of it, only checks the one it is missed; he checked the missing; that is always the case of this two feet animal, this two feet walker, the walker who rather walks late, the late commer of the his history, the history of it, the it he , the walker misses constanly; he knows it , but in the knowing that is it a missing of it he knows the it of the one he already missed; he is the misser, the agent of missing; he adores his missing, he elaborates a history full of his missing; no hesitation of missing, he builds the museum of missing it of its; he is in the business of elaboration of missing its; he is chewing his missing in perfect machine of missing it all together, in the missing machine of all its, language! when he says it he miss it, he only miss the one he said it; he is the misser of the it he said it; he says the one he missed; he is rather late in saying it;he elaborate these missed moment of saying it in a more sophisticated of the ones he said about, and he calls "writing"; his business of saying things that he already saying of its missing makes a more folded of missed moments of what has been missed in a more pruned fasion of saying , in writing! h(is) hi(story) is all too fasion of an elaborated missing ; in the labyrint of this huge machinary of the missed ones, he becomes the agent of his own lost; he then dares to write his own machinary of the ones he missed, into very elaborated piles of writing called "methodes", and calls for entery!, the agent of the missing it, the man with his two walking feet, the walker, finds his saying of no thing in one complete package of the one who says no thing; it is a the philosophy of the missing agent, the I of the one who thinks, therefore the I of the one who exists, and then writings the things he it is there , it is persence!, and in this world you only deal with persense: finally after years of silence, i say complete silence, one in me , the one who is not massoud, begins speaking, but the one who speaks is only an illusion, that is the one fraydoun forgets all the time, the one who speaks tends, no, no he must to disappear from the one who writes it; it may be said the one who speaks is the one who experiences "persence" , but he is only experience the moment which is already past; he only experiences the already happened, the event of the one that has happened; he really not experience anything in language; things happen, but really nothing happen there in the words that you know, only in the madness of the words things happen; only if things feel that way, you know stop that illusion you are the one who decides!!the decision is already taken place on behalf of you, what did you say , "on behalf of me", you kidding; no behalf, things are totall, or if they are partial, then forget about them , let them go; grammer, what , don,t say that, things happen in the event of happening, but i have kids, you know, i have mortgage, i have lots of bills; you know my wife is really desperate, she really likes to be happy, but you know things don,t happen the way you like!!i am , oh, let,s move to another subject, it is the it of me who , no, which it it; it did it himself, he did it in Paris, when he was it of the narket, and everybody doubt it , dot it, it did remark it; nothing is new in language, one has to assure things are in the order!!they are o,key, one agent said it!!then move on, yes one more step; yes one single one poem of rumi, one single line of his flight, the parisian mad, the one who adored to plunge in becket, into Artau, in the realm of unnamble persians; he felt it, he thought it is rather late; why he was so reserve about persians!you mean Rumi; no you can,t pass him; you do , but in the absent of the one who writes!i feel to say it in poetry:he said , let,s move; but he , the one moving, halts in order to move;how one moves while he halts to move!but you move if you really stop!you, the one who is the subject of our investigation wants to write then he write, but calcualtion machine don,t count. they count the uncountable;yes , one asks how to name the one who carries the nameless one! it is rather non-sense; the one who writes , is the one who likes to establish sens!let,s have some kind of sense;where in the loby of the hotel , where one really wants to walk slowly in the middle of the night , in the middle of the town; he likes it, and he also is goofy, no where, did you ask, be patient , and i will try to explain if he is somewher; why he should be free, or where, the somewhere is somewhere to continue: somewher in the middle of energy;i always love to only pursue the one who are succesfull;means passing to practice only the moment that you fly, the moment you are suspended, and you may never comeback; but you try other countries; the ones which you have not any copies from door!!!!yes i only deal with original!